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Buzz 3D Shopping / Virtual Store technology is as close to real world shopping as it’s possible to get without actually being there. Why limit yourself to a 2D web page of a few possible choices when you can see an entire Store at a glance and easily take advantage of the Segmentation strategies that already work in the real world?

Buzz 3D Shopping is our most recent product. It’s a natural extension of our powerful and easy-to-use 3D Planogram, Space Planning, Market Research, Data Collection and Analytics Solutions currently sold to Enterprise customers. We’ve combined it with another new development - our 3D Cloud streaming technology - to make it possible for any device, from a smartphone to a desktop, to connect to a 3D store via the web.

For Retailers

From an article in UK Business Insider (June 2016) :

“Shoppers in the US are bracing for VR in commerce — 74% already anticipate that it will impact their buying decisions, according to a new survey from Walker Sands. This is how they think it will change their shopping the most:

33% of US shoppers believe that introducing VR into retail will make them more likely to shop with a retailer that offers a VR experience.

24% would be more likely to purchase more online. This is because VR gives shoppers the chance to see items in a more lifelike manner without being in a physical store.

17% would be less likely to visit a physical retail store.”

Buzz 3D Virtual Store technology allows Retailers to bridge the gap to the future of on line sales. You will be able to adopt proven techniques ranging from special and seasonal offers, to internal product promotion that could generate income. Buzz connects to your existing 2D sales websites for order fulfilment and stock control, and can simulate any 3D Store environment to suit your Branding. The system is designed to support the numerous revenue channels available in the real world, including endcaps, branded cabinets and aisle displays. Dynamically-generated Consumer-offers based on past purchasing history (both 2D and 3D) and their current location in the virtual store can also be introduced, along with numerous incentives unique to 3D in order to enrich the consumer experience and maximise sales.

For Shoppers

Stores are designed in the real world to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, and to help you make choices based on promotions, product size and alternatives. All of those benefits (and more) apply to the 3D Store.


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