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Buzz 3D Real Estate provides a Next Level experience for Virtual Reality 3D Tours and Property Walkthroughs, delivering a superior sales experience when compared to traditional VR tours for potential buyers.

No more restrictions on where to place your VR Tour camera - buyers can freely move through the 3D property and interact with anything you wish to encourage them to customise or upgrade, taking advantage of all the sales options you have available.

Buzz can also generate traditional video and 360 tours at HD or 4K resolutions in just a few minutes, and thanks to the degree of customisation, the tour will show the buyer choices and not just a default layout. By delivering both interactive and video HD walkthroughs in real time, and making it possible to share results on social media, connect to the 3D experience on any device through your browser and have it look just as great as the examples in our presentation video at the top of this page, Buzz 3D changes the paradigm for selling and letting properties “off plan”.

Customising a Virtual Space means anyone can make it feel like it belongs to them, establishing a degree of ownership before the sales conversation even starts.

  • Use 3D environments for more than just video tours and 360 panos
  • Extrude the walls from your 2D floor plan, or import your 3D model
  • Photorealism is possible by exploiting today’s technological advances
  • Real-time navigation puts ‘the user in control’ of where they go, and when
  • See the view from all windows and how the sun affects each room
  • Experience night conditions – great for ‘lit’ cityscapes
  • Experiment with alternative kitchen & bathrooms units (colour & design)
  • Change décor, floor coverings, furniture, etc, and even room lighting
  • Amend the environment room by room
  • Explore different landscaping and exterior elevation options
  • Costs for all changes can be shown on screen in real-time if desired
  • Generate your own VR Tours in minutes at the Sales Office or via website

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your property sales business.

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