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Virtual Store Research and Shopper Marketing – Prove your Marketing Concepts to Clients with Virtual Testing by Real Shoppers

Enterprise Clients who wish to gain insights into the potential impact of their 3D Planogram Category Management and Space Planning choices developed during the Editing and Design stage can use the Buzz 3D Consumer Research module. Its full store 3D virtual shopping capability allows comprehensive testing of any marketing concept including support for Segmentation (the influence one product may have on the purchase of others) and Full Basket Analysis (what is bought where in a store, in what quantities, when, and by whom). Real world shoppers will provide both Quantitative (Objective) and Qualitative (Subjective) data with which to test marketing concepts; thereby ‘proving’ which Virtual Store Proposal is likely to be most successful when applied to real world Bricks and Mortar.

  • Convert any number of 3D Space Planning and 3D Planogram concepts into 3D Virtual Shopping and Virtual Store experiences
  • Create “Control” and “Test” layouts for comparison
  • Present to real people (consumers) so you can record their natural responses
  • Calibrate Eye Tracking hardware to each shopper
  • Give your Respondents a reason to shop - a “story” that will establish an appropriate mindset for their shopping experience
  • Send them through the Virtual Store to go shopping*
  • All 3D Virtual Shopping behaviour, including where they walk, what they pick up or put back and where they look are all recorded for later analysis
  • Each Shopper creates data in their own unique profile, aggregated into a master database ready for high speed analysis
  • Unlimited numbers of 3D Virtual Stores, Market Research Respondents and Control and Test variations supported
  • When all 3D Virtual Shopping Sessions are completed, use the Buzz Data Mining module to analyse the data from the Virtual Store sessions and prove the success of your Marketing concepts

* There is an Academically-recognised correlation of 92% between Virtual Shopping and Real World Purchasing Behaviour (see “Comparing Dynamic Consumer Choice in Real and Computer Simulated Environments”, Prof. Raymond Burke et al - 1996)


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