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For Enterprise clients, the Buzz 3D Data Mining Suite introduces powerful analytics to assist in extracting Shopper Marketing Insights from data gathered during the Virtual Shopping process, whether as part of a Virtual Store Research task, or from live data captured during online 3D Virtual Shopping sessions.

  • Get fast answers to key questions using Buzz 3D SmartQuery™, a new technology unique to Buzz 3D Data Mining, enabling you to form Structured Data Queries in Plain English, quickly, efficiently and easily.

  • Apply SmartQuery™ filters across the board to all your data, focusing just on the products and respondent-behaviours that matter to you and removing unwanted noise. Decluttering in this way ensures critical truths that might impact your entire strategy are not hidden behind the overwhelming amount of big data associated with Virtual testing.

  • Use Pack Inspection and Pack Comparison to reveal which parts of pack artwork were most looked-at by respondents of interest, and compare these across multiple Virtual Stores to see which strategies maximised your product exposure.

  • Discover Virtual Store Shopper Footfall with the Footfall interface, revealing where respondents walked within the store. Includes several heat-mapping modes for revealing dwell-time as well as revisits, and a heat-scale adjustment control to amplify heat range or customise with your own preferred colour spectrum.

  • Interactive 3D Heat Mapping reveals the eye-tracking heat applied to products and other items in three dimensions - walk around the Virtual Store yourself and view heat maps from any angle in real time. Used in combination with SmartQuery™ filters, you will reveal which products, POS and other Messaging received the most visual attention from the respondents and 3D shoppers whose SEG and Demographic matter most to you and your strategy.

  • Buzz 3D Data Mining is an analytics solution that helps you not only identify which layouts were most successful in record time, but also provides the hard scientific data necessary to prove your Marketing concepts and maximise sales in your 3D Virtual Stores.

  • Additional interfaces and customised functionality available upon request.

The examination of the above trends, behaviours and location-based influencers maximise your ability to take advantage of Market Segmentation.

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