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Buzz 3D Ad Testing / 3D Ad Pre Testing / 3D Copy Testing technology provides a Virtual environment for simulating real world locations for Out Of Home Advertising with both Digital and Paper Creatives.

We create a suitable 3D environment for your Media Formats, build a library of Creatives, then allocate the right Creative to the desired Media in a location of your choosing. Various formats are supported, including Paper, Backlit, Frontlit, Scroller, Static Digital, Animated Digital and Full Motion Digital. We calibrate the general lighting so that the "white point" of the brightest scene components are set to the levels you need (vital for high-contrast Digital boards), then create an animation to run with either a fixed-position camera, or free-form where respondents can look around. Respondents are then introduced to the environment, and their eye motion and behaviour are recorded at each stage of the 3D experience. We then convert this data into fixation analysis that can either be visualised directly in our Data Mining system, or output to external data files that can be imported into any existing system you may presently use. The video presentation above gives a good overview of the process, but please contact us if you have any questions.

Buzz 3D technology was chosen as the Virtual Solution for the prestigious European Consortium AM4DOOH research project involving FEPE and 4 of the world's largest outdoor advertisers (JC Decaux, ClearChannel International, Exterion Media and APG SGA). The Consortium used Buzz 3D to obtain Virtual Simulations of typical Ad locations in real world venues, then with eye tracking data derived from Buzz's high speed analytics modules, identified which ads worked best in what format and where. You can read more about the AM4DOOH Study in the extract from "The Media Online" below.

Once you select the locations, Creatives and Media Formats for each Ad, Buzz provides a consistent approach for measuring the visibility and attraction levels within a controlled virtual environment.

Every respondent involved in the 3D Ad Testing exercise undergoes an identical experience, removing the bias intrinsic with real-world Ad pre-testing, and clarifying data that would otherwise be time consuming or impossible to extract. Buzz 3D Ad Pre Testing technology offers a variety of typical outdoor and indoor simulated environments, and our support team of artists and programmers can customise the experience to suit your specific objectives.

This provides a baseline perfectly matched to your project in order to determine the best Creative and Format to apply for any situation, whether Landscape, Portrait, Large, Small, Protruding (3D Billboard), paper, Digital, Backlit, Scroller, Animated or Full Motion.

Extract from The Media Online, discussing a presentation by JC Decaux OneWorld Managing Director, Neil Eddleston:

"The AM4DOOH Study, which builds on existing Joint Investment Committee studies, is European focused as that was where the research was conducted. It centres on the significance of digital in this market, and more specifically, how digital relates to existing static factors. The study builds on existing visibility adjustment measures, rather than reinventing them, providing a consistent approach and consistent standards.

"The basis of the study is twofold: firstly it concentrates on actual measurement of where the participants’ eyes rove in an outdoor environment. Secondly it creates a virtual city that can be customised to reflect any city in reality, no matter where it is in the world. Eddleston explained that the virtual city explores a large volume of possible contact possibilities per respondent. As a result the city generates a lot of usable data as a significant number of outdoor formats are measured. Another two positives are that the study can be tweaked so confounding issues are controlled and all measures are relative, allowing for easier comparison.

"The necessity of new research into digital OOH (DOOH) is supported by data from MAGNA Global. According to them, DOOH’s share of ad spend is expected to grow 180% from $2.5bn recorded in 2010, to $7bn in 2019. DOOH global spend is also expected to increase from just over 5%, recorded in 2010 to 18% expected in 2019."

Please contact us to discuss your Virtual Ad Pre Testing needs.


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