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Buzz 3D specialises in high quality, easy to use 3D software solutions for 3D Virtual Shopping, 3D eCommerce, Planogram creation in Virtual Stores, Shopper Marketing Research, Out of Home Advertising pre-testing and Real Estate 3D Tours and Walkthroughs.

Our Solutions create cutting edge 3D Virtual Shopping Consumer Experiences for experiential retail and marketing, whilst also delivering actionable insights for Sales, Marketing and Market Research both for digital and physical retail venues.

Buzz 3D Retail - Our most advanced technology suite: 3D Planogram Software, 3D Experiential Retail, 3D Virtual Shopping, 3D eCommerce, Virtual Store-Planning, Shopper Marketing Research and Data Analytics. Space-Plan your own Virtual Store in 3D and generate an unlimited number of Planograms. Share screenshots with your team as Best Practice guidelines, or use our 3D Market Research module to test with consumers as part of a comprehensive Shopper Marketing package, then prove which concepts work best using the Data Mining and Analytics system. And when you're ready, take things to the next level with our 3DCX technology for direct-to-market 3D eCommerce.

Buzz 3D Ad Pre Testing - Pre-Test your advertising campaigns using 3D simulations of real world locations to capture eye tracking and other metrics from respondents, proving which campaign gained greatest visibility and retention in the safety of Virtual Reality.

Buzz 3D Real Estate - Create high quality photorealistic 3D simulations of new property designs for fully interactive HD presentations. Designed specifically to generate sales off-plan by engaging and exciting the prospective purchaser. Visitors may go where they wish throughout the property, personalise it to make it their own, then share their future home with friends and family through social media.

3D Virtual Shopping, 3D Virtual Store, 3D Retail, Virtual Market Research
3D Ad Pre Testing, 3D Ad Copy Testing, Virtual Ad Pre Testing
3D Real Estate, 3D Virtual Tour, 3D Video Walkthrough
Buzz 3D Virtual technology provides fast, cost effective workflow-friendly solutions for exploring new possibilities in Sales, Marketing, Ad Placement and Real Estate.
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There is no more powerful way of closing a sale than to walk into that meeting knowing you have the proof of your ideas in your hands and the means to present them in a fun and engaging way.


Buzz 3D have complete freedom in the design of our 3D technology which has been developed in-house over a number of years, and because of this we can react to Clients requests for modifications and updates very quickly.

We have control of all functionality and often customise the system to best suit the needs of our enterprise Clients.

Consequently, Buzz software is in a constant state of improvement and development, and we periodically release new, stable versions to our customers who may benefit from various enhancements.

Below are just some examples of how our technology can interlink to offer a unique end-to-end solution for our Clients.


3D Model Virtual Reality Cloud Infrastructure Data Mining Analytics Collaboration Scalability Multilingual  

Buzz 3D's technology has been used to generate insights

for a wide variety of businesses.

AB InBev
  ConAgra   Coca Cola   Dannon   Diageo  
  GE Lighting   Hershey's   JCDecaux   Johnson&Johnson   Kraft  
  McDonald's   Ocean Spray   P&G   Philips   Posterscope  
  Purina   Shell   Unilever   Volvo   Walmart  


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