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Buzz 3D Pack Testing software provides repeatable, safe, Virtual 3D Packaging Testing for Packaging Market Research and label comprehension in the post-lockdown era.

There’s no doubt that in person interviews can yield far richer Qualitative & Quantitative data to a trained interviewer than can be derived from mass online Panel testing using a standardised model.

Buzz 3D Packaging-Testing technology is specifically designed to support the very best in-person testing has to offer but without the hassle of physical products or limiting the respondent pool with "the need to be there".

1) No need to mock up a physical product – Buzz 3D digital simulations are always clean, consistent, accurate and professional. This is in stark contrast to physical prototyping for new packaging and labelling, which is time consuming, expensive and can only be rapidly (and messily) altered by hand. This risks breaking respondent focus and generating unwanted bias in your data.  Bad data means bad insights.

2) Reach a wider, safer, more cost effective respondent pool - For those respondents who are excluded from in person interviews due to age, ill health or simple geography, Buzz 3D Packaging Testing is an ideal fit, providing a virtual experience via video conference at lower expense, zero travel cost and no health risk.

Buzz 3D's Platinum-as-standard service helps you every step of the way in responding to artwork updates and labelling changes quickly and efficiently, enabling you to adapt your research to keep pace with respondent feedback from that day’s interviews.

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