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As of May 2014, Buzz 3D proudly announces its First Adopter status for the revolutionary new remote-graphics platform “GRID”, from nVIDIA, Dell, Citrix and VMWare.

Using GRID, Buzz 3D has expanded the range of devices now capable of enjoying a fully immersive 3D environment with full support for all forms of user interaction. Touchscreens on iPhones, iPads, other tablets and smartphones now give a level of swipe-based control and immersion a 21st Century audience has come to expect. Macintosh and web browser link-embedding of 3D content are now something we can offer our customers.

GRID is a scalable server-based centralised 3D Graphics solution which enables all popular internet devices to enjoy a rich and immersive experience. Buzz was always an efficient yet powerful solution, capable of running locally on even modest laptops with GeForce or AMD gaming support. Now, there’s no need even for that – whatever the spec of your device, an internet connection and access to the GRID server gives you all the power you dreamed of.

nVidia GRID technology works seamlessly with all Buzz 3D Solutions -

To understand more about this exciting and groundbreaking technology and to try our software first hand please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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