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We have developed a number of way to "navigate" within the 3D environment depending on the nature of its use. If undertaking research it may be necessary to control the path the user has through the scene whereas if being used for collaboration or sales purposes, free movement may be more appropriate.

Real time 3D environments

  • Free movement
    This gives the user the opportunity to go anywhere they wish.
  • On rails
    This allows a user to move in a predetermined path throughout the 3D environment, with the option to control to speed of movement and the ability to control head movement when traveling. This option is commonly used in research or when used in presentations.

In addition, we are also able to provide -

Output real-time 3D to Video

By virtue of the recorded data in the FootStep database, Buzz 3D technology is also capable of not only playing back this content in real-time, but also rendering any to disk as 'action replay' video files.  This same technique can also be used to create pre-scripted animation content which Buzz can then generate as a video sequence far faster than existing 3D rendering techniques currently used to produce same.

This places Buzz 3D technology in the role of a real-time renderer, capable of being used for the creation of 3D video presentations captured directly from the viewport at any frame-rate and resolution, ideal for use on a web site, or for distribution.  Can be used as 'Visual Contract' where Buzz is the Design Interface.

Whether AVI, WMV, or Flash file formats (the latter primarily for web application), the power of this process becomes apparent when considering the fact that to achieve a similar video production using conventional renderers (such as 3DS MAX) will typically require several solid DAYS of continuous calculation.

Click here to see video examples taken directly from our 3D virtual environments.


In additional to the above we are also able to offer isometric or orthographic images in any resolution which can be used in traditional eye tracking studies.

We can also offer panoramic images for use as 360 degree room spins, which support both zoom and tilt.

Please contact us at to discuss your individual requirements.


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