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Buzz 3D are able to capture a number of activities undertaken with a 3D environment.

- What they see
- What they touch
- Where they go

All results can be displayed as heat maps (white, red, yellow, green to blue) or gaze opacity maps (white to black) allowing for a visual representation of the most interacted with user habits. Buzz 3D are also able to customise any number of unique usage criteria that a customer requires.

What they see

Buzz 3D environements can be linked to third party eye tracking software such as Tobii, RealEyes and Iscan. Pixel perfect tracking can be performed on even the largest available displays (HD and beyond). Read more here.

What they touch

For situations where eye tracking isn't possible, such as web respondent research, Buzz 3D can track a users mouse click activity. This can include picking up products and turning them, adding them to basket or putting back on a shelf. It also allows for sequencing of behaviour i.e. which order were products picked up and which were the most popular products selected overall. This data can be then be analysed on an individual user basis or across a group of respondents.

Where they go

Buzz 3D FootStep™ technology can track and report on all user activities whilst in the 3D world, and locational tracking (as shown right as an aggregated display) can be overlaid on store plans to determine the trends of user usage and footfall.

As Buzz 3D can track the position the user is within the 3D virtual space a unique insight and wealth of activities can be analysed.

The comprehensive nature of Buzz 3D FootStep™ makes it an essential and valuable tool for clients wishing to review how their visitors or customers interact with the store, as well as content within it, so they can ensure future product development is optimised, and advertising, point of sale, messaging, etc., is targeted.

The ability to respond to the requirements of users is greatly enhanced by -

  • Seamless tracking and behavioural analysis
  • Web based reporting system
  • Tracking both online and offline
  • Animated and interactive product/object data
  • Customised client data/reports

The above is seamlessly linked to our Buzz 3D Planogram solution.


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