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Highlights include -

  • Automatic Data-Archiving of all User Activity
  • Eye-Tracking - up to 300Hz data capture in real time
  • Temporal Heat Mapping
  • Choice of data playback -time lapse image sequence, video or interactive data mining
  • Integrated Shopper Questionnaire
  • Other scientific measures such as EEG’s and ECG’s for brainwave and heart-rate data
  • Inferred Eye-Tracking (where eye tracking hardware isn't available)

Many Clients have used a Buzz 3D environment to undertake research and we can link to a range of third party eye tracking hardware to enable pixel precise results. Buzz 3D can provide research or testing agencies with the data in a format they require.

Uniquely, Buzz 3D are able to compress timescale's and also provide error proof results which no other company is able to undertake.

Unlike with eye tracking studies that are undertaken using video, within the 3D environment Buzz 3D know the direction the user is pointing in and exactly what they are looking at. Video is "dumb" in this regard as the eye tracker only plots the pixel the user has fixated on rather than the item, object, person or "thing!" the user is actually looking at.

Equally the eye tracking cross hair can be overlaid and a timestamp of both syncronised so that the eye tracking data and 3D experience of the user is combined. This can save days of processing where the old fashioned way of achieving this was a person manually transposing, which is also a process prone to human error.

Buzz can do this quickly, cost effectively and error free ensuring that studies of large number can be undertaken without the traditional prohibitive costs.

Additionally, Buzz 3D can offer a Contextual Questionnaire being behavioural based and related to an Action Replay of an individual user’s activities within their virtual experience. Analysis includes -

  • Trigger-events, positive and negative (why did/didn’t you click “X”, why did you put back “Y”, why did/didn’t you purchase “Z”, etc).
  • Triggers operate on individual and ranges of ‘items of interest’.
  • Unlimited number of questions per event – ask anything you like.
  • Multiple choice answers supported.
  • Text responses can be input by user when considered appropriate.
  • All user responses automatically forwarded upon completion to the Buzz 3D Cloud for processing.

Please contact us at to discuss your individual requirements.


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