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1080p HD

HD (1920x1080p) is the default display resolution for Buzz 3D environments, subject to the resolution for the display device, whether on a monitor, tablet, 55in LED TV, or projected onto a screen.

4K displays

Our software is very scaleable and future proof, rather than having to "upscale" the resolution to meet 4K and beyond, Buzz 3D utilise the hardware graphics card to re-calibrate the resolution of the 3D environment to the new size (i.e. 3840x2160p). This way the user sees pin sharp performance rather than the standard HD simply blown up to fit.

Oculus Rift and other VR devices

With VR headsets becoming increasing common, Buzz 3D can easily plug in to new technology using their SDK's (software development kits) to enable our 3D environments to link up - just let us know which ones you have in mind.

In addition to "viewing" Buzz 3D environments using these devices, there are additional hardware SDK's that Buzz 3D can utilise to capture hand gestures and motion/positioning sensors to make it possible to "interact" with the 3D scene being experienced.

Please contact us at to discuss your individual requirements.


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