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Any audio source within the 3D environment is capable of rendering its audio either as a 2D soundfield unaffected by the end user's position and orientation within the 3D world, or as 3D soundfields, which adjust attenuation, panning, etc, to maintain a directional link between the on-screen position of the object making the sound, and which speaker(s) output the audio.  This combination of audio and visual cues for position are the two key factors that generate the illusion of 'being there' for the user.

Speakers that output full digital surround sound systems are supported, which is present both in-line within the 3D world's audio renderer on the computer's internal soundcard, and externally via SPDIF to a surround-capable amplifier.  The latter is particularly relevant for display at Events (Trade Shows and the like), in addition to Test Environments where the highest quality audio experience at high volume are requirements.

Within the 3D environment sound can emanate from a virtual TV, an avatar, or even ambient sound such as wind and rain or airport and railway announcements - literally anything can be added.

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