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Now you can have all the benefits of a 3D environment but in just a single shelf. Buzz 3D have developed Virtual Shelf where users can scroll a whole aisle length of the shelf, select products - rotate, and read/watch product related info. Other highlights include -

  • Touch screen capability
  • Pick up and "look" at products
  • Can be used via NVidia GRID on a thin Client such as iPad or tablet
  • Track users interaction
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Select products, rotate and read/watch further product info

Use finger gestures to navigate left and right, up and down the aisle

Click on products to summon 3D models with supporting info and links

Link with eye tracking hardware for research purposes or via
Oculus Rift glasses to create a mobile "virtual lab"

If you would like to understand more about Buzz 3D Virtual Shelf please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at


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