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Virtual Training is the next best thing to 'being there', saving time, cost and often providing greater understanding that can be achieved in the real world.

Buzz 3D provides an interface to your content that can be summoned on screens, or through the user's interaction with 3D models of real world objects (ranging from interactive shop and catering environments to provide staff with fun and engaging ways of learning how to use the real-world equivalents, to a complete assembly for complex engineering devices, eg. animated engine/gearbox, including clickable references and encyclopaedic lookup).

Buzz 3D environments take Induction Courses to a whole new level, where new employees can explore their new working environment in safety, and understand every significant feature and departmental relevance, before ever undertaking a tour of the actual workplace.

Courses can be undertaken at work or at home, whenever convenient for the individual and business.  For shorter courses, or those undertaken in modules over protracted periods this can obviate the unnecessary expense/work loss relating to travel, accommodation and subsistence.

All course content and delegates' work can be Password Protected and Encrypted.

A Buzz 3D Interface allows Course Providers to present a visually stimulating and engaging experience within a vibrant & dynamic 'branded' 3D learning environment, where -

  • for individual team and professional development the multiplicity of multimedia content that can be encompassed within both a course and by way of a simultaneously presentation greatly enhances the learning process, more powerfully reinforcing the content in the student's mind.
  • large Organisations with multiple 'same-industry' brands can easily change the 'look & feel' of a single 3D environment to represent individual 'branded' businesses.  In this way the same data can be presented in a different visual environment; and simply linking to a different linguistic database would immediately generate an 'International' solution.
    Whatever the solution the interaction between tutor and student is merely an extension of the physical classroom environment.
Please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst, to understand more about what Buzz 3D can offer.
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