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3D Shopping is often promoted on the Internet, but rarely does it live up to the promise.

Buzz 3D does not offer yet another low quality web-based alternative, but what it does offer is the ability to accurately simulate a real world environment that creates the illusion of 'being there'.  This is a totally new concept that offers the potential of creating an unsurpassed immersive and engaging user experience.

Although similar to PC gaming, Buzz 3D's unique VR technology, which is solely focused on Commercial applications, can offer a photorealistic visual quality that is fully supported by 3D soundfields.  The ability of user to interact with products, in addition to the seamless display of any supporting multimedia content, yet still further enhances the value of the Brand.

The capability also exists to link to any existing back-office and/or eCommerce infrastructure.  Both the aforesaid can either be via a screen within the 3D environment, eg. a web page, or by way of a 3D representation of a shopping trolley, or similar.

Retailers - create a 3D Microsite that can be downloaded from your existing 2D web site in order to provide an exciting Showcase that will project a new Brand image to a 21st Century audience, and provide a visual experience and user interaction not possible with conventional web technology.

Shopping Mall owners - where if you have an existing Mall and wish to show prospective tenants what they and their customers can expect to experience (including populating stores as they become occupied), and then make this available as a virtual 3D shopping experience as an additional Marketing feature.  Buzz 3D has a background of both virtual world creation experience and cost-effective implementation capable of supporting  the development of an all-embracing solution.

For further enquiries and to try our software first hand please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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