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Photorealistic hi-def visual quality and 3D surround sound.  The powerful Buzz 3D engine, together with the sophisticated internal optimisation, means that there is no necessity to have peripheral products (clutter) represented by photographs (as necessary with inferior 3D engines), albeit this is an option if preferred for speed and cost saving regarding virtual environment generation.

Multi-Faceted UI's enable clients to compile 3D environments (including external landscaping), as well as placement of 3D and Multimedia content from the Database, such as -

  • Select a store, summon & position display units to create aisles, and place products on shelves and pegboards.
  • Adding new Store frontages into a city, and changing content on Billboards and Posters.
  • Attributing associated multimedia to any 3D objects if required (including video, sound and images).

3D objects can be entered into the database and then immediately introduced into the 3D environment whenever desired, and viewed immediately in situ.  This obviates the necessity of undertaking extensive rendering, often running into hours if not days, as is associated with conventional 3D design packages, such as 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, etc.

Full 3D soundfields can be associated with any object that emits sound within -

  • A store, eg. shopper instigated movement of content & packaging (eg. boxed products such as cereal or rice, and flexible bags/pouches), Musak, announcements and ambient backgrounds (to include 'squeaking' shopping carts, people, vehicles outside, etc.
  • A City, eg. sound associated with individual vehicles, ambient city sounds, people,  etc

All the consumers (respondents) activities in the virtual world can be recorded and subsequently replayed, either as a 'real-time' re-enactment, or as a video internally generated via Buzz 3D's 'Output to Video' module (which accurately records everything that occurs within the 3D world through our FootStep technology).  Alternatively, 2D screenshots of the 3D environment can be generated in whatever desired orientation, and then printed.

Buzz 3D Eye-Tracking

Full support is available for seamless integration with 3rd Party Eye-Tracking solutions if required, so that user interaction with all products can be identified (and recorded if desired).  The actions of a large number of respondents can be consolidated and shown as a 'point cloud' navigating through the virtual environment. Click here for more details.

Being database driven all subsequent Metrics Analysis can be undertaken within the Buzz 3D Solution, or Data Files can be output to 3rd Parties for subsequent processing if preferred.

Networking supported via a LAN, WAN, VPN, and the Internet.  All totally secure.

Multi-Lingual support for UI's and navigation in 3D are readily accommodated (via the Database).

For further enquiries please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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