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Buzz 3D Virtual Model Home

Selling spec homes and conceptual developments off-plan is something Buzz 3D technology can help you deliver. We provide photorealistic 1080p HD quality 3D visualisations of 2D CAD drawings as fully interactive virtual reality experiences, or conventional video and panoramic renders. Buzz 3D technology operates at peak performance roughly 10,000 times faster than traditional methods, delivering the end result in a fraction of the time and cost.

The video below demonstrates the sequence of how Buzz 3D can transform a 2D CAD file plan into a fully interactive 3D environment.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

In a prototyping trial with a US-based Real Estate company, Buzz technology produced a 3D video fly-through of a 2D CAD drawing which using traditional techniques would have taken 6 days to render across 10 PC’s, requiring an average of 20 minutes per video frame. Buzz produced the entire video of 4,466 frames on nothing more than a single laptop in just 9.3 minutes.

Buzz renders natively at 60 frames per second in a real-time experience, and can export video frames to disk at 8 frames per second.

If you have property to sell that doesn’t even exist yet, Buzz 3D is the best way to take a walk around it and show it off to a potential buyer.

Key differentiators:

  • FAST & AFFORDABLE Rendering and Visualisation thousands of times faster than conventional 3D.
  • Screenshots & Panoramas in seconds. Video in minutes. Or real-time and fully interactive – the choice is yours.
  • Automatic conversion of CAD files into interactive virtual reality environments.
  • Sell "off-plan" with a photorealistic Virtual Model Home, furnished or unfurnished, night or day.
  • Customised Library creation for Interior Design elements.
  • Automatic placement of 3D furnishings based on data embedded in CAD files.
  • Easy Interface for choosing décor and manually placing furniture by your own design team.
  • Play "live" video, or html content, on screens within the Virtual Model Home.
  • Insert custom location-based scenery with accurate sun position and time of day lighting and shadow system.
  • Comprehensive on screen map/mini map shows "You Are Here"
  • “Teleport” to new locations just by clicking the map.
  • Supports playback of pre-scripted real-time animations and presentations in “unattended mode” for showroom displays, with full embedded voiceover and video inserts.
  • Through nVidia GRID technology, view on any device, triggered over the internet by a simple browser link.

Buzz 3D isn’t a game … but certainly feels like one and can be as much fun for your customers to use.

Go from this ....

3D Real Estate Property

.... to this ....

3D Real Estate Property

.... to THIS ....

3D Real Estate Property

and now this. This is not a pre-rendered image. It is a direct screenshot from our software, running live, allowing full freedom of navigation and interaction with items in the scene, including an optional onscreen map that always shows your location in real-time. Click the image below to open full size HD version (opens a new Browser window)  ....

3D Real Estate Property

Panoramas can now be generated without the need for a photographer, using the “Virtual Camera” and a single button-click, from any position you choose. Click the image below to take a look (opens a new Browser window)  ....

3D Real Estate Property

Or, produce a video straight out of the Virtual Model Home from a pre-calculated camera path.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

To read an overview in PDF format please click here to understand how Buzz 3D create virtual 3D environments.

Whether your preferred delivery method is the traditional static image, panorama, video or a full-on virtual reality interactive space, Buzz 3D is the perfect solution. Please email us if you would like to know more.

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