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Buzz 3D have designed five Store layout template designs to allow businesses to utilise anything for a simple shelf to a complete store. These are available in both 24ft and 40ft aisle lengths.

- Display Images
- Virtual Displays
- Virtual Aisles
- Virtual Stores
- Virtual Stores - Custom

The following screenshots are plan views of each store type to explain the differences between each option.

Display Images

  • Customisable display - choice of display unit styles (green)
  • Fixed 'clutter' (pink)
  • Store background or 'stand-alone' display

Virtual Displays

  • Customisable display - one side of aisle (green) - Customisable display- one side of aisle (green)
  • Customisable endcaps from Library (green) - Customisable endcaps from Library (green)
  • Fixed 'clutter' (pink)

Virtual Aisles

  • Customisable aisle - left & right (green) - Customisable aisle - left & right (green)
  • Customisable endcaps (green) - Customisable endcaps (green)
  • Fixed 'clutter' (pink)

Virtual Stores

  • Customisable aisles / Endcaps (green) - Customisable aisles / Endcaps (green)
  • Fixed 'clutter' (pink) - Fixed 'clutter' (pink)
  • Customisable POS

Virtual Stores - Custom

  • Customisable aisles & endcaps (green) - Customisable aisles (green)
  • Customisable POS (not shown) - Customisable POS (not shown)
  • Any other Customisations

Whether new to 3D or if you're experience users we are confident Buzz 3D can help.

Buzz 3D are able to save you money by avoiding costly errors, rework or ill informed decision making by enabling right first time implementations.

Buzz 3D is not a shrink wrapped software product, instead Clients utilise our Web User Interface (UI) to upload planogram data and product images, setup the 3D store environment and then request either image or video previews or 3D environments to navigate within. Click here for more info.

Our Buzz 3D Planogram solution can even be populated by seamlessly importing data from existing systems such as Spaceman™, Apollo™ or Space Planning™.

For further enquiries please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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