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Buzz 3D offer a number of ways of displaying products on shelves, with the option to "pick up" if required.  This can involve full 3D models or photographs of products that can be presented in such a way as to appear like 3D products within the 3D Store.  In this way Buzz 3D can provide a solution for every business and budget.

2D Selectable - from 1 to 6 sided

From a single product 'front face' photograph, up to 6 sides (including top and bottom), we can produce a very realistic that simulates the selection of a full 3D product model.  When the product is selected (as shown), by flipping from one face to the next the user experiences the illusion of seeing a 3D product within a 3D environment.


Full 3D

For some Clients full 3D is the only option. Each product model is a true representation in every way of its real world equivalent, and can be viewed from any angle (as shown).

Product compare

To make to the shopping process more realistic Buzz 3D have introduced a method where two products (2D or 3D) can be picked up simultaneously and compared against each other.

Depth layering

Both 2D selectable and Full 3D Products can be depth layered. This allows a more realistic product presence on the shelves. Below shows 2D Selectable products stacked four deep tricking the eye into thinking Full 3D Products are present on the shelf.

A Mixture of both

Equally 'clutter' can be represented by placeholder images so that when positioned on the shelf they can complement the 2D Selectable or Full 3D.  This offers very flexible and cost effective options, and the decision is usually governed by what the Client is trying to achieve.

For further details please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at


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