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Buzz 3D's Online Automated Solution is able to create photorealistic 3D Planograms in under 2 hours. Ideal for use by Manufacturers and Retailers in Product Design, Consumer Market Research, Category Management, Store Planning, Point-of-Sale Marketing, Virtual Store Research, etc. Whether only a single shelf section using Virtual Shelf is required or a Virtual Store, Buzz 3D have a solution to suit all.

A 3D Planogram can be created in three steps -

1. Provide a planogram, either :


    • Upload appropriate products graphics (for either 2D selectable or 3D models) including from your existing product library (Gladson, Brandbank, Klee, etc.)

2. Select the desired output, either image, video preview or full 3D navigatable environment.

3. Download the output requested in 2. above and use as required.

Projects Undertaken


Then an email is dispatched confirming that the output is available for download.

If a fully interactive 3D Shopping environment is required, with display units, products on shelves, Point-of-Sale Marketing, then using our Web UI the following can be generated within 4 hours.

  • High detail full 3D product models or 2D Selectable products of between 1 to 6 faces can be supported, where even the latter gives the appearance of a 3D product when selected.
  • Products can be "picked up", manipulated (full 3D rotating smoothly, and 2D Selectable 'jumping' through 90 degrees), which can then either be added to a shopping cart, or put back on the shelf.
  • An existing eye-tracking solution and/or Buzz 3D's own FootStep™ technology are supported.  Individually they provide in-depth insights, but together they deliver complimentary benefits as it becomes possible to track and record everything that a users sees, in addition to where they go and what they interact with, within the 3D environment.

The low level analysis achieved using our FootStep™ technology, which can record all data accrued during the consumer's journey through the virtual world, can then be used to generate a high resolution (1920x1080) action replay recording of the user's interactive experience.

Buzz 3D's Online Automated Solution is both scalable and affordable.  There is no detailed learning curve or training needed, just purchase whatever is required.

Further info:

For further info please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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