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No longer do you need to sift through lines and lines of planogram files. Now you can create, edit and save planograms in 3D simply using a drag and drop interface.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

Moving products on shelves

Whether starting a planogram from scratch or editing an existing one, Buzz 3D make things simple. Adding, moving, deleting products on a shelf has never been easier and the best thing is the planogram file is updated automatically, error free, to reflect the changes made.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

The 3D Planogram Builder and Editor has intelligence to manage product groups, even price tags "move" and update with the products selected, and can even take care of Point of Sale (PoS) - backing boards, wobblers, product trays, etc., - so that a feature rich shelf can be visualised.


Now rather than sending planograms backwards and forwards with customers, it can be work on in collaboration making it quick, simple and right first time - no more time lost waiting for feedback.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.


Buzz 3D are able to utilise existing image library content (Gladson, Brandbank, Klee, etc.) or planogram solutions (Spaceman™, Apollo™ or JDA Space Planning™) seamlessly allowing you to introduce their data into a 3D environment with the minimum of fuss. Changes made in 3D automatically update your original planogram file so that you can still utilise all the functionality you are used to from these third party applications.


In addition, once you have have designed your product layout in 3D it is saved back up to the Buzz 3D Cloud, after which you can distribute the full 3D environment, or simply request a shelf preview image or video to send to your customers and colleagues.

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

Alter shelf configurations

As well as positioning products the 3D Planogram Builder and Editor can also allow you to move sections of shelves along an aisle length, or change the height of shelving to best fit the products. It is also possible to change shelving styles if required, providing full freedom in 3D building and editing modes. Similarly, endcaps and freestanding PoS displays can be manipulated if necessary.

Projects Undertaken

For a free, no obligation enquiry please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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