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In association with Training Colleges Buzz 3D can enable students and qualified practitioners, in the capacity of ongoing Professional Development, to undertake Medical Training within an accurate simulation of the real world.

The 3D Interface offers the potential to support a common baseline standard against which all tasks can be measured.  Eliminating the variables associated with using real-world volunteer patients, where no two experiences are the same, ensures that all participants face exactly the same challenges and problems.

Procedure can be completed in association with virtual equipment, and increased engagement and understanding can be achieved through the seamless integration of Haptic "touch-feedback" devices, whereby real world sensations can be mimicked.  The latter is readily achievable by way of hand-held devices associated with the drilling/shaping a totally accurate simulation of teeth in Dentistry, together with support for full soft tissue palpation, both internal and external.  The undertaking of surgical operations such as a Laparoscopy are also readily achievable.

For additional information or just a preliminary discussion of what our ground-breaking technology makes possible please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst.

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