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Successful communication of large amounts of data within a Corporation, especially one that is Global that has to accommodate time changes and language variations can be a challenge that is difficult to accomplish for both recipient and author alike.  "Where to look" and "what to search for" in a sea of complexity can become a daunting and laborious task, and one that is often avoided by the majority.

2D vs 3D?
It is generally accepted that the traditional page-based 2D browser has limitations when required to deliver complex information that can be easily understood.  What Buzz 3D can offer is a totally differentiating "own branded" solution that is both appealing in concept to today's 21st Century audience, as well as delivering on the promise by being engaging and informative when accessed.

Buzz 3D can simulate reality (a head office), or a concept.  All the user has to do is to navigate or "jump" (teleport) to a desired location and all relevant data will be displayed all around them in an enrolling manner.

3D Intranet

The above is merely an example of a Reception Area where multiple screens and 3D objects can act as a 3D front-end for any data.  What follows is a summary of some possible options.

  • Reinforcing the illusion of "being there"ť:  Simulation of all aspects of the real world, and more.
  • Company Communication:  Enables content to be automatically updated to reflect Company News, Share Price, HR issues, which all "bridge the gap" to reflect a shared environment, wherever employees are located.
  • Embed all existing 2D Website content into a "branded" 3D environment:  Present as much or as little as you wish of your conventional website on a range of 3D "screens".
  • Interactive Multimedia Screens:  Multiple simultaneous display of streamed or downloaded video, audio, including images/photos as slideshows, on "screens" in the 3D world.
  • Personal Employee or User Pages:  Building on the success of "Facebook" / "YouTube" models employees could upload content and individual "3D spaces", either for fun as part of a Social Community, or to promote the focus of their work as part of a team effort for communication to the outside world.
  • CRM for the Internal & External customer/supplier relationships:  Use 3D "real estate" to deliver dynamic, interactive, targeted information, whether for just staff, or in a wider context with your external Customers.
  • 3D Blog Support:  Blogs can be delivered in a room of their own, themed to suit the Corporate Identity, and shown in context alongside other Corporate information to address issues raised or praise received.

Features not shown in screenshot -

  • B2B and B2C Product integration:  Show information of Company Products or Services in a communal environment, or enable a 3D Showroom to become part of the wider Company experience.  Adjoining rooms can also provide access to Training rooms, Video-conference facilities and Microsites relating to specific data.
  • Data Management:  All content is stored in an ODBC compliant database on the client’s server, and managed locally by an integrated MySQL database.
  • Date-stamping:  All content is date-sensitive and can automatically expire if desired, or can be updated whenever required.
  • Adaptable Scripting Engine:  Buzz 3D's unique scripting engine permits rapid development of new interactive features as required.
  • Free or Camera Path navigation:  Users can go where they want, when they please, either under their own steam or via pre-determined camera path.  The latter also can provide what in effect can be a Guided Tour, which can also double as an automatic 24/7 promotion if desired.
  • Multimedia Conversion:  A friendly wizard module can enable non-technical collaborative groups of users to easily convert video and graphics content to an appropriate size for transfer & display.

3D Intranet

The above 3D plan is indicative of how different departments within a business could be presented.  By "walking" into each department specific data could be summoned from an Organisation's "backoffice" database and displayed in innovative ways that both appeal to and inform the user.

Virtual People
Without doubt this is the most difficult element for inclusion within a 3D environment where photorealistic display is the objective, irrespective of whether a real-time presentation or pre-rendered video.  However, particularly for communications by Senior Management the ability to project a video of them onto an invisible screen so that they actually appear to be present in the 3D world is most likely the best option.  This would have to be created with an alpha-channel so that the background onto which the video was filmed could be excluded.  This is a technique known as "chroma keying", where a video is usually shot in front of a green or blue background.

The above is just one of the innovative solutions that Buzz 3D is able to provide, and for more detailed information please contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst at

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