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Buzz 3D are able to create a fully functional 3D retail environment in its entirety using data contained within your architectural .DWG files.

From original .DWG file ...

To a fully interactive Buzz 3D retail environment ...

iPad/iPhone users click here - to watch in 1080p HD.

After this stage, the Client has an empty "template" store. Subsequently, planograms are provided via the Buzz 3D Cloud and allocated as required. Buzz 3D then automatically populate the shelves to match the planograms so that the virtual store "mimics" a physical store (as shown below and at the end of the video above).

Using our interactive drag and drop system, the products can be reconfigured on the shelves as required using the Buzz 3D Planogram Builder and Editor for applications such as collaboration, merchandising and virtual store research.


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