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If you consider that the time has come where simply relying on a Flash Car-Configurator to engage potential customers and differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors is inappropriate, then you need to talk to us.

Buzz 3D can offer so much more, including the ability in real-time to:

  1. A visual experience that is Showroom quality (near photorealistic) at a 30cm distance from any 3D object. The system automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the display device, so that one solution can accommodate all requirements.
  2. Cycle through all available Options and Extras so that a potential customer can build and subsequently display their selection. This can be linked to any cost database to show realtime pricing and produce a full vehicle Specification/Quotation.
  3. Support 3D soundfields, including the Doppler effect when vehicles are moving.
  4. Sit in the car and listen to the in-car entertainment, as well as even drive the vehicle if desired.
  5. Merge/Swap vehicles to clearly demonstrate the size differences between model ranges.
  6. Seamlessly integrate any multimedia content within the 3D environment to better illustrate specific features.
  7. Develop a Solution that is totally scalable, from the most powerful computer to a Smartphone.

... and after all that if you are still frightened of suffering withdrawal symptoms, we can output Flash movies directly from your 3D Showroom for display on your 2D web site.

Perhaps now is the time to contact our CEO, Ian Medhurst, and at least explore how our 21st Century interface could transform the way that you market your Brand.

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